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Discover the future of vehicle preparation with ourDetailing LED Lights Set 1 fromLED IT BEE! This innovative lighting system offers the ultimate flexibility and brightness for professional vehicle care tasks and beyond.


Perfect addition to Hexagon LED 14 GRID system:

OurDetailing LED Lights Set 1 is the ideal complement toHexagon LED 14 GRID system fromLED IT BEE. While the Hexagon LED 14 GRID system provides uniform lighting from above, the Detailing Set enables precise lighting from the side. Together they offer the perfect combination to present every detail of your vehicle in the best possible light.

For more lighting options, we also recommend taking a look at our category "Set lighting with frame" fromLED IT BEE.


Versatile Application:

Ideal for vehicle preparation, painting, body repair, detailing and more. TheDetailing LED Lights Set 1 is an essential tool for auto repair shops, paint shops and enthusiasts who strive for perfection.


Individually customizable:

The four 1.18 meter long LED struts can be used independently to direct targeted light to different areas. But that is not all! You can also seamlessly connect them to create an impressive 4.8 meter long light source to illuminate even the largest work surfaces.


Perfect exposure:

With our high-quality LEDs you can easily recognize and assess vehicle details. Whether it's scratches, swirls, dents or other imperfections - with theDetailing LED Lights Set 1 you always achieve flawless results.


Robust anddurable:

The set was designed to withstand the demands of professional users. The robust construction and high-quality materials ensure a long service life, while the LEDs work energy-efficiently, keeping your operating costs low.


Simple Assembly:

Installation is a breeze. The struts snap together easily, and the included accessories allow you to attach them to various locations, be it walls, ceilings, or other surfaces.


The future of Detailing lighting:

With theDetailing LED Lights Set 1 fromLED IT Bee bath your work areas in impressive, glare-free light. Get the ultimate lighting system today for maximum precision and perfection in vehicle detailing and other demanding tasks.

Order today and experience how our LED light technology revolutionizes your work process!

Detailing LED Lights Set 1

PriceFrom €34.19
VAT Included |
    • Technical data sheet
    • Operating life: Up to 10 years with 8 hours of daily use
    • Emitting color: White 6500k daylight
    • 7650 lumens
    • Power: 73 watts
    • Voltage: AC 220 volts
    • Light beam angle: 120 degrees
    • Energy efficiency class F
    • 4x 1.18m LED strut
    • 4x connector 180°
    • 4x LED-IT Bee power cable

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