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Discover enhanced lighting solutions for every environmentExperience V2

With version 2 (V2) of our LED lighting technology, you can redefine the future of lighting. Compared directly to its predecessor, V2 brings decisive improvements that make it the universal solution for every room - whether for professional work environments or creative studios. With more efficient energy utilization, which is around 10% more efficient than V1, a higher color temperature for clearer light (from 6500K to 7200K) and the ability to create systems that are up to three times larger than V1, V2 exceeds expectations in every way.

Universal applicability :

Whether you work in tattoo studios where precise and clear light is essential, want to provide offices with a pleasant and productive atmosphere, or run technical workshops - V2 adapts to your needs. Thanks to the modular system, V2 can be used in almost any environment and individually adapted so that you can create the perfect lighting solution for your specific requirements.

Your advantages with V2 :

  • Efficiency: V2 is designed for maximum energy efficiency, which not only protects the environment but also reduces your running costs. Compared to V1, V2 is about 10% more efficient, which makes a noticeable difference in energy utilization.
  • Expanded system capacity: The ability to create systems up to three times larger than V1 opens up new dimensions in your lighting design and installation.
  • Light quality: Increasing the color temperature to 7200K provides brighter and more natural light.
  • Adaptability: The extended modular system allows you to configure individual and comprehensive lighting solutions with ease.
  • Durability and safety: A more robust design and the 3-pin connection guarantee a longer service life and higher safety standards.

Hexagon LED Lighting 14 GRID Frameless

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€387.88Sale Price
VAT Included |
  • Technical data: HEX-SET-14G-V2

    Total weight of the system: 9,547 kg

    Dimensions: 235 x 417 cm

    Light efficiency of the entire system: 111.2 lm/W

    Total connected load: 586.5 W

    Total luminous flux of the system: 65,202 lm

    Further technical specifications:

    • Rated voltage: 220 - 240 V
    • Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • Color rendering index (CRI): 80
    • Color temperature: 7200 K
    • LED lifespan: 30,000 hours
    • Mounting types: wall, ceiling and pendant mounting
    • Connection type: quick connection system
    • Protection class: IP20
    • Protection class: SKI
    • Photobiological safety class: RG 0 - no risk
    • Luminaire body: Profile top made of polycarbonate with PC end caps and aluminum base
    • Beam angle: 120°
    • Dimmable: No

    Maximum number of lights per circuit:

    • For LED-HEX-44-V2 struts: 120
    • For LED-HEX-60-V2 struts: 100
    • For LED-HEX-117-V2 struts: 60

    Additional performance information:

    • A maximum combined power of 1300W may be connected to one circuit.
    • 57 x LED-HEX-44-V2
    • 27 x VER-Y-V2
    • 17x VER-120-V2
    • 1 x STR-KAB-V2
    • Instructions

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