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Discover the future of lighting with ourHexagon LED lighting 14 GRID fromLED IT BEE! Our state-of-the-art LED lighting system with a distinctive hexagon design provides uniform and efficient lighting in fitness studios, car workshops, detailing and other workspaces.


versatile Application:

Ideal for vehicle preparation, painting, body repairs, paint sealing and smart repairs. TheHexagon LED lighting 14 GRID is particularly popular with garages, vehicle exhibitions and beyond.


perfect exposure:

Detect and evaluate paintwork defects such as scratches, swirls and dents with ease. With this innovative LED ceiling lighting, you can continuously achieve optimal results and impress your customers with flawless vehicle presentations.


exclusive design:

The housing made of high quality aluminum and PVC cover gives ourHexagon LED lighting 14 GRID an exclusive and modern appearance. The simple assembly with the practical click system enables uncomplicated installation.


Individually customizable:

The individual lights can be connected to each other as you like, so you can design your workspaces according to your wishes. Connect multiple lights and create a unique lighting solution.


Efficient anddurable:

OurHexagon LED lighting 14 GRID not only impresses with its performance, but also with its energy efficiency. The low energy requirement and minimal heat generation ensure long-lasting and stable performance.

Immerse your commercial spaces in impressive light and experience the perfection of theHexagon LED lighting 14 GRID fromLED IT BEE.

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Hexagon LED lighting 14 GRID

€599.99 Regular Price
€539.99Sale Price
VAT Included |
    • Technical data sheet
    • Service life: Up to 10 years with 8 hours of daily use
    • Emitting colour: white 6500k daylight
    • Lumens: 60000 lumens
    • Power: 580 watts
    • Voltage: AC 220 volts
    • Light beam angle: 120 degrees
    • Energy efficiency class F
    • EAN: 4270003916608
    • 57 x 0.44m LED strut
    • 12 x 1,175m LED strut
    • 27 x Y-shape connector
    • 17 x 120° connector
    • 3 x 90° connector
    • 8 x 180° connector
    • 2 x LED IT Bee power cables
    • 1 x T Shape Connector
    • Instructions 

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