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Take your lighting design to the next level with our high-quality X-shape connector. This connector has been carefully designed to fit perfectly into the contacts of our hexagonal LED lights, guaranteeing a stable and secure connection.

The X-shape of the connector allows for even greater flexibility when designing your lighting. It allows four lights to be connected at different angles. With the easy-to-use plug-in function, you can create and adjust your lighting design quickly and easily - and all this completely wirelessly.

Even design changes are no problem with our X-shape connectors. You can quickly and effortlessly adjust your lighting arrangements to create the perfect look for your space.

Our X-shape connector is not only an important accessory for a stable and secure connection of your LED lights, it also offers exceptional flexibility for creative lighting solutions. With it you can create unique lightscapes and patterns.

Whether you are already an experienced user of our LeditBee products or just starting to plan your custom lighting solution, the X-shape connector is an essential tool to take your lighting design to the next level. Discover the multiple possibilities it offers and optimize your LED lighting with LeditBee.

X-shape connector

VAT Included |
    • 1 x LED-IT Bee connector X-shape

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