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  • How long do the Hexagon LED lights from LED-IT Bee last?
    LED-IT Bee's Hexagon lights last for a remarkably long time. With a daily operating time of 8 hours, this corresponds to a service life of 10 years.
  • How do I mount the Hexagon LED system on the ceiling?
    You have various options for mounting the Hexagon LED system on the ceiling. You can attach it directly with commercially available dowels and screws - the special eyelets on the connecting pieces are intended for this. Alternatively, you can also unmount the system. We recommend our custom-made FRAME, which you can find here: CLICK (
  • Can the Hexagon LED lights also be used in an open circuit?
    Yes, you can use the Hexagon LED lights flexibly - they work perfectly in an open circuit.
  • Are the Hexagon LED systems dimmable?
    In general, most of our Hexagon LED systems are not dimmable. However, the RGB version of the system dimmable to give you even more control over the lighting.
  • Is the assembly complicated?
    Not at all! Thanks to the clever plug-in system, installing the Hexagon lights from LED-IT Bee is super easy.
  • Do you offer assembly services?
    Because assembly is so effortless, we do not offer a separate assembly service for our systems.
  • Do I need an electrician to connect the system?
    To ensure a professional installation, we recommend hiring an electrician who can help you connect the LED-IT Bee Hexagon lights.
  • How much does the complete lighting system weigh?
    The entire lighting system (Hexagon LED lighting 14 GRID), including the Hexagon lights from LED-IT Bee, has a Weight of only up to 9.5 kg.
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